Flowers are dropped into a vase. I do not attempt to tame them, but to capture something of their essence, a moment of their ephemeral beauty.

Working experimentally in acrylics and watercolours, I try to capture the spirit of a plant through translucent glazes, loose expressive strokes and drawing back into the surface I have created to introduce detail. Some paintings also include still life elements: vintage vases and hints of treasured textiles, inviting the viewer to look more closely. I also paint and sketch the local landscape, working both out on location and back at my studio.

I originally worked as a Footwear Designer in London, after gaining a degree in Footwear and Accessories Design from Cordwainers College at London College of Fashion. Before this I went to Herefordshire College of Art and Design. A much anticipated return to Herefordshire after nearly a decade in London gave me the opportunity to develop my artistic practice.